What areas do you service?

We are based in Mechanicsburg, PA which is near our state capital of Harrisburg. We regularly service the surrounding areas of York, Lancaster, Chambersburg, Camp Hill, Lebanon, and Shippensburg, but we also travel further as needed.

How long after you are finished can I use the area?

Our polyurethane foam is extremely fast-setting. By the time we get our tools cleaned up and we leave the property, you can use the area!

How does the cost of a polyurethane lift compare to the cost of replacing it?

On average, our polyurethane lifting process is about ½ the price of concrete replacement. However, in larger areas, it is usually much less than half.

How long does the polyurethane last?

The polyurethane foam itself is essentially permanent. Its closed-cell technology is completely waterproof. However, if there is a serious water drainage issue that washes substrate out from under the foam, the concrete could shift again. Typically this isn't the case and a polyurethane foam lift will last many years.

Is the process messy or invasive?

No! Our polyurethane injection leveling system requires us to drill a series of 3/8" holes (about the size of a dime) to inject the foam underneath the concrete. Many sidewalk jobs require only one or two holes per slab to complete.

How long do most jobs take to complete?

Not long! Every job is different, however, most residential jobs are completed in one day or less where ripping and replacing concrete could leave you without the use of your sidewalk or driveway for a long time!

My concrete hasn't sunk yet, but there is a void underneath, can you help?

Yes! Our foam is a perfect solution for this type of preventative maintenance. We would use our same foam injection process to fill the void and compact the soil underneath to prevent future sinking.

What are the benefits of using polyurethane foam instead of replacing concrete?

Lifting with foam is less expensive in almost all cases. Replaced concrete will sink again if the subbase is not properly compacted. Using polyurethane foam will also keep continuity between slabs unless you are replacing a whole sidewalk, for example. Your concrete will match instead of having one new concrete slab in the middle of weathered slabs. A polyurethane foam lift will also take much less time than replacing and will allow you to use the area the same day. Lifting with polyurethane foam is much less messy than sawing/hammering out old concrete.